Friday, December 2, 2011

Wendy Lindquist

little about myself...

I've been active all my life, having started dance at the age of three and a half. I continued on for nine years focusing mostly on jazz, tap, and modern theatre. At age eleven I discovered the thrill of gymnastics, and not long after had my dance mates asking me to flex for them. I was thinking, "Flex what?" Little did I know I had already acquired a set of "pipes" at the tender age of eleven!

I soon had to give up my dance lessons in order to pursue my passion for gymnastics. I carried on for eight years until a back injury forced me to retire. At this time I was enrolled in a program at college which required me to work out at the local gym. This was my first introduction to weightlifting, though I must admit I was the typical cardio junkie, thinking that an hour of cardio a day would make me skinny, and I lifted "mickey mouse" weights. I really had no idea what I was doing!

When my course ended I decided to continue with my gym membership, as I no longer had gymnastics to keep me active. Within a few months I was receiving numerous comments regarding my physique and that I was well-suited for bodybuilding or fitness. I initially ignored all of it (I certainly did not want to be one of those grody muscle-bound monkey women - I was really ignorant!) However, after giving it more thought, I decided to look into it (turns out lifting weights doesn't make women grody muscle-bound monkeys after all!) and I hired a personal trainer who taught me to cut the cardio, and start lifting some "real" weights!

I've now been training hard and heavy since 2001 and I love every minute of it (well . . . maybe not all the pre-contest cardio!). I have competed in figure and fitness, though my passon lies in bodybuilding. I love the intensity of bodybuilding; the personal challenge of pushing my psyche and my body to their limits. Plus I live for the posedown, as anyone who’s seen me compete can attest to!

What motivates me...

when other men or women tell me I’ve inspired them to start working out, or to train even harder, or to take control of their health and their bodies. When I know I’ve inspired others to be the best they can be, it inspires me to be the best person I can be so that I can continue to be a positive role model and help others make positive changes in their lives. That, to me, is the ultimate in fulfillment.

Why do I body build...

I love that I'm part of the small population of women with muscle. I love that I'm part of the even smaller population of women who are competitive bodybuilders. My muscularity sets me apart from the general population, and my body speaks a thousand words about my personality without me even having to speak. Plus I know that I’m treating my body and myself with respect when I am disciplined and dedicated to my diet and my workouts, and that's important to me because if you don't respect yourself, who will?

Many thanks to the people who have supported me along the way:

My husband and soulmate, Gord Pronick, my family: Ed, Marion, & Casey Lindquist, Len B., Jon Howard, JP Erickson, Tre' Scott, Zoa Linsey, Diana the Valkyrie, Shadowline Photo, Dave Hammond, Matt Black, Ted & Denise Kewin, R.J. Chavez, Rick Kasten, Brian Wong, Petra Niemeyer, Anu Gill of Rejeuvaslim, Mike McCallum of McCallum Chiropractic, John Forde of Sport & Spine Apollo, Byron Hall of The Honda Way, USA Glamour Productions, and Jodie Bruce of FitWearDesigns. And to the fitness-enthusiasts who've offered me such kind words, encouragement and support (both mentally and financially) along the way – thank you! You motivate and inspire me to be the best I can be! I would not be here without ALL of you!

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