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Evie Louise Madsen

I started weight training as a form of exercise in addition to athletics when I was 17. Was pretty slim, and wanted to put on me a little more muscle mass, says Evie.

Name: Evie Louise Madsen Age: 32 years Location: Alicante, Spain (move to Tommi in Oslo in April) Work: Head Physiotherapist at Reuma-sun center in Alicante, Spain. 13 physiotherapists and an assistant in the department Height: 1.69 Weight: Competition: 60 kg, offseason: 70 kg Marital Status: Girlfriend with Tommi Thorvildsen Sponsor: Is the Spanish national team in body fitness IFBB, all expenses in connection with competitions covered by associated . Club: IFBB Spain (trainer at Gym Altmira in Elche and John's Wellness Centre in Altea, both in Spain)14.jpg


1st Valencia Open 2007
2nd Spanish Championships 2007
4th place World Cup 2007
will take part in the Mediterranean Championship 11.november '07 (chosen as 1 in 3 girls in body fitness to represent Spain in the international championship between the Mediterranean countries)
Tell us a little about yourself

As a person I enjoy being active, keeping constantly on the various projects, studies, courses, etc. Currently comprises everyday life for most of the training, work and study. Has the season little time for social life, but try to take it again later. Like to relax with family, friends and my boyfriend Tommi, as we often go out and eat a good meal and take a trip to the cinema. 12.jpgOtherwise, in my spare time I like to dive, the dive part of the Mediterranean Sea and off the Canary Islands. Also love to read, began on archeology studies before I took physical therapy program, so I'm particularly interested in history. interests me for language, and also has a worked as a simultaneous translation German-Norwegian, Spanish, Norwegian, Spanish-English-German, has made ​​a grammar compendium of Spanish grammar and has given private lessons in German, English and Spanish languages. also enjoys traveling, has been a great deal about in Europe. Since I am a big Formula 1 fan, I've been in several races around Europe. Also enjoys to ride a motorcycle, took note when I was 18 years and have driven most by cross and racing bikes. Favorite food: Is a big søtmons, so I love chocolate, ice cream and cakes. But there is little of it on the diet, so the most of it in chicken, beef and tuna, which I also am very happy in. I emphasize to only eat things that I like when I'm on a diet, otherwise I lose motivation . Would that the little I eat on the diet, at least to be something I like ..

What made you begin to start with fitness and how long have you trained?

I started weight training as a form of exercise in addition to athletics when I was 17. Was pretty slim, and wanted to put on me a little more muscle mass. When I saw that I had good success and create bigger muscles relatively quickly, I was "bitten by the bug" and began to spend more time on strength than athletics. Trained a lot until I was 24 years, and felt that I needed a break from strength training. The break lasted until 2 years ago, when it was time to take up strength training again. In the meantime (6 years) I kept on with the riding and scuba diving, but were not as active as I am now in training. One of the reasons I took up training again was that I knew that the body began to struggle a bit with compromised immune systems, pain in lower back, shoulders began to hurt (a lot from my profession as a physical therapist) and I did not know the shape my body started to get .. Then it was time for a change, both in terms of exercise and diet. So for 2 years (Sept 2005) I started with the strength and endurance training again, and began at once with the diet to build muscle. And now - 2 years later - I participate in the World Cup and the Spanish national team in fitness:)

Have you been active in other sports?

Have worked with various sports since elementary school: baseball, volleyball, athletics, horse riding and scuba diving. Has previously competed in the sprint.
What does a normal day in your life?

A typical day for me looks like the following:
6:00 1t. cardio-vascular training (step / biking / jogging / walking)
7:15 Breakfast
8:00 Work at the clinic until kl.16: 00
10:15 Meal
Meal 1:15 p.m.
4:15 p.m. Supper
4:30 p.m. Study until noon. 7:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m. Vitargo, glutamine and amino acids before exercise
7:00 p.m. Training (1.5 hours + 1 hour of weights. cardio)
9:30 p.m. Vitargo, glutamine, protein drink, and amino acids after training
Meal 10:00 p.m.
11:30 p.m. Meals
23: 45 In Bed
What are your goals and ambitions?

My major goal of the training is short and good to have a good time. Ie. that exercise gives me a positive content in life in many ways: good health and healthy to prevent disease and other health problems. Training affects all areas of my life positively, both relational, social and health conditions. Direct measure of body fitness competitions is to continue to compete for 4-5 years. In the first game here in Spain until I return home to Tommi in Oslo around Easter next year. Then I'm going to compete in Norway, and the first goal is to qualify for European Championships in the spring. Hope to be able to qualify for IFBB pro license within 2 years, so I'm going to stand on! :) Goals and ambitions in terms of work and private life is to start up different concept in fitness, health and diet / nutrition, together with Tommi when I move back to Norway. We're developing different ideas, and with my background as a physiotherapist and fitness exercises, and Tommis background as a bodybuilder and many years in the fitness and diet industry, we have a good basis to start up a solid concept. I have included many different ideas in personal training that I plan to start next year in cooperation with Tommi.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fitness?

Advantage: individual health benefits (both physically and mentally!) And a healthy and positive training environment.
Disadvantage: can be in competition periods occupy a fair amount of time that goes beyond the social life ..
Are you satisfied with the progress you've had?

Yes, very. Took up training for 2 years ago after a break of 6 years. Competitor for the first time September 15th, got 2nd place in the Spanish championship and was qualified for the World Cup weekend after I came in 4th place. Went straight to the Spanish national team and will be sent around by the competition with all expenses covered by the association.
How do you train as fitness exercises?

Coach is always hard and give 100% on training. Trainer with the smaller number of repetitions in the development phases (4-12 reps) and with heavier weights. In deffeperiodene I train with more reps and slightly lighter weights (15-30 reps).

Runs 2-3 warm-up sets of 50 reps, then 3-4 exercises for each muscle group.

Training Split:
o Monday: Front thigh + inside thigh + shoulders + abdominal + glutealmuskulatur + cardio
o Tuesday: Back + biceps + stomach + glutealmuskulatur + cardio
o Wednesday: Just cardio
o Thursday: Hamstrings + add + stomach + glutealmuskulatur + cardio
o Friday : Chest + triceps + shoulders + abdominal + cardio
o Saturday: Only cardio
o Sunday: Only cardio
What exercises are favorites for the following muscle groups

Pull Down with Rope
Curl with Z-bar
one arm rowing with hantel
-Front leg
Seated leg pull
-Rear leg
Standing Calf
Sit-ups with 45 º slope backwards
7.jpgHow long are you on a diet before a competition?

Approx. 12 weeks.
Set up your diet yourself or get help?

Will the help of my coach here in Spain (Emilio Martinez) and my boyfriend Tommi Thorvildsen.
What does your fitness regimen like?

Have tried some different diets, and find it is often best to combine a little. Ie. a period of almost zero carb, high protein and very little fat, and then a period of only protein and fat. Do it depends on the form before competition and receive close supervision of my coach and Tommi when it comes to final adjustments.
Outside of competitions I adjust the carbohydrate intake and is sometimes up in such a pound of rice a day.
If there is a lot of posturing training before competition?

Before the competition I set aside time to practice the poses with my trainer 2-3 times a week, approx. 30min. each time
What supplements would you recommend to others and why?

Vitargo before and after training, both to get the proper "pump" in training, and for a good recovery after exercise. It usually takes 1 to 1.5 h. before exercise and immediately after exercise.

How do you think it is to combine family / circle of friends with diet and exercise?

Since Tommi doing the same, there is no problem combining it with him. We are always training together when I am with him in Oslo and he is here in Spain. When it comes to friends, I have both friends who train at the gym, and friends outside the gym. Trying to keep as close contact with both, but note that it can Dabbs of bit periods before the competition when it comes to friends who do not go to the gym. But I have informed them about it, so they understand. They support me all giving me very positive backing. At the clinic where I work, I have an awesome bunch of people who support me 100%. They met almost all up and cheered me on the Spanish championship, when I was very touched ..

Have two wonderful sisters and the world's most beautiful niece who supports me in everything I make myself when it comes to training and also otherwise.
Do you have any role models?

Jenny Lynn, thinks she is a good role model in many ways. Has a very good physics, work hard, serious and determined by training, seems like a talented person in many ways and as most know achieved great results (has won numerous competitions since 2000 and has been Ms. Figure Olympia last 2 years). Also think Monica Brant has an incredible physique.
What motivates you?

First and foremost Tommi who always supports me, and it is of course motivated to achieve good results. It makes it easier hold on the diet before the competition when you see it going the right way.
How much cardio exercise you need to get in shape?

About 2 hours each day, 1 hour before breakfast and 1 hour of strength training in the afternoon / evening
What do you think is your best achievement?

4. place in the World Body Fitness, 2007
Do you like fitness exercise suggestions for simple and healthy meals?

Chicken and sweet potato with a little Udo's choice oil blend
Protein Pancakes: Oatmeal and egg whites with cinnamon and sweetener or honey
Rice cakes with easy-jam / natural peanut butter / Maximize protein powder (to be thick when mixing it with some water)
salmon with salad and some rice
Which muscle group are you most satisfied with?

Ridge and glutealmuskulaturen.

What is your training tips for beginners?

Put yourself first your training goals, find out what you want to achieve.
Then find a form of exercise that you like.
Do not give up even if it's two steps forward and one step back, you destroy not everything you have built up even if you "goes on a smell" in between, when it comes to exercise and diet.
Remember that there is no way to trick your body, you are what you eat and what you are doing the training!
Something you want to say in the end?

Thanks to everyone who supports me and understands how much exercise does for me. Hope I can be a positive role model for others, both in terms of diet, exercise and drive:) Big hug, Evie

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