Monday, December 19, 2011

Annette Mibers Fleck

There are often a few misconceptions in our sport. One being, the image of many fitness models and bikini models is that they use the genetics God gave them and they coast along. Sure, this may be the case for a chosen few but every girl that makes it to the professional ranks has worked hard to get there.

Yesterday I had the chance to follow my good friend WBFF Pro Fitness Model Annette Milbers Fleck around the World Health Club while she worked through a delt tear to train shoulders and arms. As you’ll see from the video, Annette works her tail off in the gym and impressed the heck out of me. Always one to cover up and dress modestly, it took some coaxing for her to train in a tank top so we could really see her muscles at work. This girl is serious!

For many, PVL’s elite athlete Annette is the perfect goal… a nice balance of muscle and femininity… very marketable with great looks. If someone is afraid that lifting intesenely will destroy the femininity factor, think again. There would be very few, if any that train as hard and as smart as Annette. Remember, the physique is about balance. Life is about balance. The ability to listen when it speaks. To take time off rather then get run down. To shape the muscles for the sake of illusion. To push through injuries while striving to reach your lofty goals. Balance.
Annette has built her marketable image based on being incredibly personable, true to herself and her friends, and by building an amazing physique over years of serious training.

As you look in the mirror, you’ll see parts of your image, but do you see your entire image? How are you perceived in the industry? Are you taken serious? Do you demand respect? Do you want to take your competitive career to new heights? Only you can answer those questions. Dig deep to accurately do so. Dig deep to reach your potential.

I hope many of you will use Annette as motivation for your next workout. I’ll be posting update training videos of her journey to Toronto here, so keep checking back.

Have an amazing day!! Now it’s your turn to take yourself, your life to the next level!

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