Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Andrea Swanson

Figure competitions at the national level often come with a a lot of surprises. There are athletes who come out of nowhere to place highly or even win pro cards on the strength of their genetics, helped along by dedication and expert guidance. And then there are competitors who come in much improved, building on what God gave them to make improvements year after year.

Illinois NPC athlete Andrea Swanson is both wrapped into one package, because she has tremendous genetic potential and has worked extremely hard to refine her physique into a complete, symmetrical package. Andrea simply has one of the best delt to waist to hip ratios in the amateur ranks, and the ability to get ultra shredded without losing too much size. Working with trainer Mike Davies, she has streamlined her legs over time - legs that remind us a lot of IFBB Pro Amy Fry's. She maintains one of the best online journals that we have seen - and she is Team FigureRX hard core, lifting heavy and liking it. We think Andrea could go toe to toe with almost anyone in the gym.

We were honored to have Andrea as a Team FigureRX guest star at the 2008 NPC Junior USA Championships, where she followed up on her impressive showing at the Arnold Amateur earlier in the year. She continued to wow us with one of the best photo shoots that we have seen, and we know she will do even better at Junior Nationals near her home town!

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