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Brittany Ramsey

After Brittany was born 3 months premature and only weighing 1 pound and 14 oz., the doctors told her parents that Brittany would never read, write, run, or function as a normal child. She has proved the prognosis the doctors gave her parents wrong. Brittany is a 23 year old God-fearing woman who loves being spiritually fit!

She graduated on May of 2008 with a Bachelor in Science in Kinesiology, with a focus in Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. She is currently a N.A.SM. Certified Personal Trainer and AFAA Group Fitness Instructor at LA Fitness in Bolingbrook, IL., as well as a Rehabilitation Technician and Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.

WP: Brittany, congratulations on winning our 'Personal Trainer of the Month'. I am so proud of you!

BR: Thank you, Tammy. I am very honored.

WP: Where do you currently reside?

BR: I reside in Bolingbrook, IL., a west suburb outside of Chicago.

WP: What has it been like to maintain your physique? Have you done anything different lately?

BR It has been fairly easy to maintain my physique now that I know the fundamentals it takes to keep it. I believe that once I began to understand that diet is one of the most crucial aspects of training, I began to see my muscles pull out more as I dropped my body fat. Lately, I have stepped up my cardio. I have to say I did slack a little for my 1st show with my cardio, not realizing how important it was. However, I really like what I see and how diet and cardio have been so beneficial!

WP: What has been your stepping stone to get where you are today?

BR: My relationship and walk with God has been my stepping stone to where I am today. With his guidance, I have accomplished graduating with my undergraduate degree with ambitions to obtain my Doctorate in Physical Therapy as I will be applying for PT school this summer. Also, my parents have been a great because they believed in me with my dreams and goals. My 2 sisters have been my backbone as well, helping and guiding me throughout the years as well as my best friends, who still love me when I get on their nerves. My mentor, who is a Professional Fitness Model and Figure Competitor, Kimberley Bresingham, has also been a great part of teaching me what it takes to get to the next level in Competing. My lovely friends; Ryan Doris, a high school class mate and Bodybuilding competitor, Nnamdi Ubaja, President of Hour of Change Fitness, and Charlie Williams has also been great encouragers to me who I inspire to be like.

WP: What are the key factors that dictate the way you train today?

BR: Since Figure has a lot to do with symmetry and balance, I believe that my weaker or smaller muscle groups are what dictated how I would train. I really tried to focus on building and shaping the muscle groups that were my weaker parts. Also, my body fat was another key factor of me knowing if I needed to increase my cardio or not.

WP: Not only are you a Personal Trainer, but you have competed before. Correct? Can you tell me more about it?

BR: I jumped into my 1st Figure Competition April 25th, 2009, after being pushed into it from my workout partner Ryan Doris; a high school teammate convinced me since he was competing in Bodybuilding. After hard work and of not being able to eat any cheeseburgers or McDonald's fries, or even my favorite southwestern eggrolls from my favorite Restaurant, Chillis, I stayed dedicated for 12 weeks of training for the 2009 John Hansen Natural Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Championships located in Bolingbrook, IL at Brooks Middle School, located in Bolingbrook, IL. It was a great experience seeing the crowd roar when I came out! The leadership I obtained from my mentor was so phenomenal, I can’t explain!

WP: Are you planning to compete again in the future?

BR: Yes, because I am so new to competing, I am still trying to do my research of all the different organizations that are out there to know which one will best fit my physique!

WP: What has figure competitions taught you thus far?

BR: Figure Competitions have taught me how to discipline my body! They have taught me how to maintain my priorities as well. I’ve learned that you have to work hard in this sport to get the results. Results don’t just come with running a couple of laps. The work has to be done! As my training partner, Charlie, says, “You can’t buy this at Wal-Mart, or Macy’s; you have to work hard and lift some plates buffet style to get it!”

WP: What was the hardest thing for you to overcome when you first started?

BR: The hardest thing for me to overcome when I first started was balancing my workouts with my busy schedule of taking 2 classes and working 2 jobs.

WP: What was the hardest thing you had to deal with when it came to your diet?

BR: The hardest thing for me to deal with when it came to my diet was my cravings. My weakness is sweets. If it’s not in front of me, I won’t eat it. It’s so funny because times when I would cheat to sneak 1cookie or something I ended up eating almost the whole box!! I couldn’t stop because they were so good, I felt like I had never had them before! However, once I realized what it was going to take, sticking with my diet was not a problem, because I enjoyed seeing my great results.

WP: How has your training changed over the years?

BR: This was actually my first show competing and I plan to change my physique over the years. Although I haven’t been in the industry for years, I have seen drastic changes with my physique on a weekly basis, so I can’t imagine what it will look like 2 or 3 years from now.

WP: What titles/accomplishments have you thus far? Tell me about them.

BR: I hold the title of ‘Ms. Figure for the Overall Class of the 2009 ABA Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships’. John Hansen, the promoter of the show, was so sincere and he showed how passionate he was throughout the whole competition and it was a great experience I will never forget. Winning 1st place in the Overall Figure Class at my very 1st show is a great accomplishment!

WP: Where do you see your career and life in 10 years from now?

BR: In 10 years, I see myself having my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, along with owning my own Physical Therapy Health Care Clinics and workout gyms. I also plan to be a Professional Figure Competitor and Professional Fitness Model.

WP: Are you doing any modeling? If so, please tell me about it.

BR: Yes, I have been modeling for about 2 years with numerous photographers. My goal is to become a Professional Fitness Model and hopefully be a spokes model for health and fitness. I truly want to help others know that you can still have muscles and be feminine at the same time.

WP: Can you tell me any photographers you've worked with, or someone you'd like to work with?

BR: I currently worked with Tony Mitchell and Will Edwards of Open Aperture Media Group who are phenomenal photographers for World Physique! They are awesome and I encourage others to be apart of their work of art! I love to work with photographers who know how to capture my physique and bring it to life. I have also worked with Rufus from R2A Photography, LMJ Photography, The B Group and more. I would like to work with great John Lathrop and other photographers from all over the industry.

WP: What supplements do you currently take?

BR: I currently take 100% Whey Protein, and 100% Casein Protein, as well as my 2 a day multivitamin by Life Extension.

WP: What are your pet peeves?

BR: My first pet peeve is when my younger sister comes home and takes all my make up or clothes back to school with her. When it comes to training, it is sometimes funny to me when people say, "I can tell you workout”, or they ask, “Do you lift weights?" as if having muscles aren't normal for a female.

WP: What do you consider to be important in life, and why?

BR: I believe that having faith in God is because He gives me strength to live. Helping others achieve goals and just being a blessing to others is so important to me, because I know that it helps to have someone you can talk to for guidance. So, just as others have helped me, I want to do the same. I love to see others succeed, it makes me feel good that I was able to be apart of that stepping stone. You never know how far it will take them.

WP: How have you changed over the past few years when it comes to thinking, actions, and life in general?

BR: I have learned that you have to know who you are as a human being because people will try to bring you down. I’ve learned that hard work pays off and confidence is so the key. Life is short so I have live everyday like it is our last. I try to have purpose in everything that I do.

WP: What are your stats such as height, weight, biceps, and waist?

BR: I am 5’2 and I am 130 pounds in off season and about 118 pounds during competition time.

WP: What other sports or activities did or do you enjoy?

BR: I enjoy Track and field. I have been a track sprinter since the age of 7. I enjoy singing, too!

WP: Tell me about your family. In addition, are you married, single, or dating?

BR: I am the middle of 2 siblings! They call us the “ABC” girls! Alexis, Brittany, and Camille! I love my family so much. My parents have kept me grounded and I am thankful to have been brought up knowing that I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! Philippians 3:14. I am currently single and waiting for the right person who is designed for me to come along and find me!

WP: Any shout outs?

BR: Yes, most definitely! I first want to give a huge shout out to my parents for enduring with me on my low carb days! Thank you Kim, Ryan, and Charlie, my family, and friends; for believing in me and pushing me to the next level.

WP: Give me an example of your workout.

BR: I usually work my legs twice a week, where 1 day I focus on mass and building and the other day shaping. Mass days I do Squats, leg exts, lunges, deadlifts, etc. and Shaping days I keep the weight not as heavy where I focus on changing my range of motion to hit different muscle groups. The other days, I focus on back and biceps really targeting my lats and really just every muscle group in the back. On chest and shoulder and triceps days, I maintain my reps anywhere from 12 to 15 reps and some days more.

WP: What is your diet?

BR: I eat every 2 to 3 hrs and the clock starts at breakfast for me. I eat my egg whites and oatmeal with my Whey Protein shake in the mornings. I switch up with chicken breasts, tilapia, tuna, lean beef or lean turkey for my protein and my sides are broccoli and or asparagus, brown rice or sweet potatoes. Once I get closer to competition, I cut out the amounts of complex carbs to really lean out. My mom says how can I eat so boring, but I love it because it gets me right!

WP: Who are your role models?

BR: My role models are first, my very own Mentor, Kimberly Bresingham, a Professional Fitness Model and Figure Competitor. Then, my Partner in Crime, Ryan Doris, who has been by my side motivating me through my whole training program, Nnamdi Ubjaja and my sisters who keep me spiritually motivated, as well as my friend, Alicia Renee Harris, which is a IFBB Pro, who kept me encouraged and uplifted me with our bible study and Charlie for speaking into existence what God has already planned! I can’t forget my best friends for modeling what preparing for success looks like. These individuals have inspired me to be my best when everyone else around me is giving up!

WP: How do you handle stress?

BR: I usually pray that God will help me with my stress or sometimes I like to just sit and listen to my favorite songs to calm me.

WP: Could you tell me about your future projects?

BR: I plan to work on obtaining my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Compete in more Competitions along with doing more Fitness and physique photo shoots. My goal is to get sponsorships to promote fitness and healthy living in society. I believe that I have a gift of encouraging and motivating, and teaching others about how they can not only be physically fit but spiritually fit, as well.

WP: Is there anything I have forgotten to mention that you would like to bring to light?

BR: Well, for anyone who is just getting started or anyone who inspires to go into the fitness industry stay true to you, remember that it takes dedication, sweat and sometimes tears to stay disciplined with competing. Also start networking with others in the industry that are knowledgeable about what is required to stay involved, because without that extra push or guidance it’s easy to not be ready. Have a purpose for everything you do. I am still learning and growing. Really take the time to learn your body and what works for it. Although it may take years for development, keep striving for perfection or someone else will.

WP: Thank you, Brittany! It has been a great honor featuring you.

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