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Shawn Rene Zimmerman

Name: Shawn Rene Zimmerman "Highly Motivational!"
Birthday: December 19, 1983
Measurements: 36-24-36
Hair: Long, Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Celebrity Health & Fitness Expert, Top Celebrity Trainer
Shawn Rene Zimmerman is a Top Celebrity Health & Fitness Expert! Top Celebrity Trainer, Fitness Magazine
Cover Model, TV Fitness Model National & International, Health Fitness Sports Nutrition & Exercise Specialist
currently training current top Elite USA Athletes & Top USA Olympic Gold Medalists Athletes & 2010 Sports
Illustrated Top Sports Man of the Year Nominated Athlete & 2011 Voted #1 Top 10 Good Guys in Pro Sports,
2011 Grios 100 History Makers in the Making Pro Athletes, training them in Health, Fitness & Sports
Nutrition prepping them for 2012 Olympics! Shawn Rene is also a Motivational & Life Coach!

Top World & National Fitness Champion & Exercise Science, Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine Specialist Extensive Training from Best
Preventative Medicine/Sports Medicine / Sports Nutrition Doctors in the World & Olympic Gold Medalist Athlete Doctors

Shawn Rene is a National Fitness Champion, World Champion Top 5, National Dance Team Champion, Wesley College Graduate Bachelors
Degree Exercise Science - Deans List, Advanced Placement National Merit Awards in Biology & Anatomy & Physiology for highest average.
College Scholarly academic honorable mention & awards in Sports Nutrition, Stress Management, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology & in
Sport & Exercise Psychology, honorable mentions by Sport Psychologist Phd to NFL Cowboys.
Shawn Rene is a National Academy of Sports Medicine NASM & AAAI Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Medicine Specialist, Sports
Nutritionist Professional Training Experience 10+yrs. Shawn Rene has 12+ yrs of Elite Training & learning from the World's Best
USA Olympic Gold Medalist Athlete Doctors . In Sports Medicine, Health, Fitness, Sports Nutrition & Preventative Medicine Anti Aging,
Recovery, Superior Sports Nutrition, Immune System Strengthening, Elite Training in Precise Weight Training, Speed & Agility, Olympic
Stretching Techniques & overall Elite Health & Fitness Training Techniques by Olympic Gold Medalist Doctors.

Top Fitness Magazine Cover Model

Shawn Rene Voted 2010 Top 100 Fitness Models in the World. She was also honorable mention of 1st & Favorite Health & Fitness Expert
& Fitness Model 2011 by Sports writers & industry photographers. You have recently seen her on TV in USA & Europe for Fitness TV Abs
& Glutes. She is a National & International Fitness Magazine Cover Model, featured in all of the top fitness magazines since 2002 to
currently! Oxygen Fitness Magazine photo shoot January 10-11, 2011 on newsstands Spring 2011, Oxygen Fitness Magazine selected
Fitness Model for Her Creative Fitness Agility Blasting Moves for Fitness Video on Oxygen Magazine Web Site filmed January 10,2011
airing Spring 2011, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, FitnessRX For Women Magazine 14 page spread, Natural Muscle Magazine Cover,
Planet Muscle Magazine, Exercise For Men Magazine in 16 photos, FitnessRX For Women Magazine in several issues, Oxygen Women's
Fitness magazine in several issues, Max Muscle & Fitness Magazine, FLEX Magazine, STATUS Fitness Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine,
Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine, Atlanta Health & Fitness Magazine. Featured favorite Fitness Guest Poser & Fitness Fashion Show
Runway Model modeling fitness clothing with Fitness Pros on Arnold Classic Fitness Expo Stage. National & International model
for all the 2009 & 2010 ads for an NFL & Olympic Treadmill ThoroTread Weight Training Treadmill.

Dancer, Sprinter & NFL Sport Psychology, NFL Cowbows

Shawn Rene was 1 of 8 dancers chosen of the Dance team group to perform & dance at prestigious Gala at Dance Team Nationals in Miami.
Shawn Rene has 14+ yrs of intense training in Ballet, Jazz, Dance Hip Hop, Ballroom Dancing, Modern Dance, training under Olympic
Ice Skating Choreographer/Julliard Graduate renowned instructor. She has also had training under Elite International Ballet &
Russian instructors. She also has Dance training from Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, NSync, Janet Jackson choreographers.
Shawn Rene loves Sports & Training hard! She grew up being involved in Sports Dance, Gymnastics, Swimming, Track, Varsity Soccer.
She is very Passionate of her love in Dance excelling in it, with 14+ yrs of Intense Pre Professional Dance training. She trained
Intensely six times a week with Nationally & Internationally renowned Dance Training instructors & then hit the gym for weight
training after, with her Dad. She loved Fitness & didn't want to be a twig ballet dancer, but have Athletic Health & Fitness physique.
She has a petite physique & worked hard to add sleek muscle. She loves Speed & Agility training & She has received awards for,
"Fastest Sprinter!" Shawn Rene's absolute favorite Professor & Advisor all her yrs in College was NFL Sport Psychologist PhD to NFL
Cowboys. Instilling in her the life long wisdom in the power of Mental Strength, Positive Thinking, Precise Vision, Pursuing Your Passion
with Purpose! Dream it, Believe it, See it, Do it & Love it!

Shawn Rene "Fabulosity in Action Fitness Fashionista!

Dancing during half time for the Football Games, Shawn Rene was Wesley College Dance Team Captain & head Choreographer & Dance
Costume designer. Shawn Rene has a niche for Fashion & Designing. She works with a Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry,
Cameron Diez, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpon, Britney Spears, Beverly Hills, CA Italian Top Fitness clothing designer.
Shawn Rene & her together brain storm creating Shawn Rene unique Photo shoot outfits that match her personality & World
Championship Competition outfits! They are working on a Shawn Rene line, where everything will have rhinestones, electric metallic
& energizing bright colors, Shawn Rene's favorites. Shawn Rene, "Fitness Fashionista", is known for her Stylish Fashion, Jewelry &
Electrifying Shoes in Photo shoots & Shows. One of her goals is to have her own line of designing Unique Classy, Athletic &
Fashionable Electrifying clothing line. As well as Athletic & Highly Fashionable Electrifying Show Stopping Shoe line!

Athletic Awards & Celebrity Pediatric Research Charity Events

She played Varsity Soccer & Senior Superlative Awards for Sweetest Personality & Best Smile! Several Athletic awards growing up in
swimming & track excelling in speed, winning several awards for "Fastest Sprinter!" She has a Heart for Children & Pediatric Research.
She was a Featured Fitness Magazine Cover Model for Fitness Celebrity NFL, NBA, MLB Pediatric Research Charity Event, she was
featured at those events & on advertisements.

Our Passion Gifts from God for a Purpose Pursue them with Passion!

Shawn Rene's advisor, mentor all of her yrs in College & favorite professor worked as the NFL Cowboys Sport Psychologist PhD &
motivational speaker. He instilled in her the importance & significance of Positive thinking & Positive Visualization! Have a precise Vision,
Goal & Dream, SEE IT VIVIDLY, STRONGLY BELIEVE IT & PASSIONATELY DO IT & LOVE IT! Our Passions & Gifts were given to us as a Gift
from God, what we do with our Passions & Gifts is our Gift to Him! Take your Passion & Make it Happen! Live your BEST LIFE NOW! He
has worked with the best in the NFL & is is a Doctor of Sport Psychology Graduate of University of Florida. He has done motivational
speakings with Denise Austin. She looks up to him Immensely & very honored that he has called her a young Motivational Health &
Fitness Icon Denise Austin. His words to Shawn Rene, "You were born to be a Star! Do Big things! Be the Role Model You are! Motivate,
Bring Health & Fitness & Joy into others Lives & Shine Brightly! I expect to be seeing you doing Big things & on TV!"

Health & Fitness in Genes!

Shawn Rene has Health & Fitness in her Genetics! Her Father Dan Zimmerman is a Top 80s NPC Natural Bodybuilding Champion!
He won Mr. Tri-State, Mr. Eastern Shore, & Mr. NPC DE competition, just a few weeks after she was born! When he won he announced,
"This Night means a lot to me I didn't just win this show but also have a new baby Daughter just born!" Shawn Rene's father on TV for
Best Body on the Beach Winner in Ocean City! Her father Dan Zimmerman is her role model inside & out! He is amazing role model of
Health & Fitness & in every area of life! He stays in amazing Top Conditioning year round having Health & Fitness a Lifestyle. With
encouragement from Shawn Rene to see her father compete, he just returned to stage Feb 2011, after 24 yrs Gladiator Fit in 50's!
He was a clear crowd favorite performing a Hollywood Style Gladiator Bodybuilding Routine with Huge Gold Metallic Rhinestone
Sword! Shawn Rene was so excited to see her Dad on stage, her Dream since she was little, proud daughter screaming
"That's My Dad!" while he was on stage & then ran back stage in excitement to see him. Taking the National Natural Masters
Bodybuilding 50 & over runner up! Shawn Rene & her father have exciting Health & Fitness projects coming up together! Her father
is a role model to athletes, to be Gladiator Fit Naturally & Inspires others in Health & Fitness & Life that you can be Super
Fit in 50s! With Superior Nutrition, Training Smart, Dedication & Passion for Health & Fitness! Age is just a number & you can be
like a fine wine & get better with time! Her Father & Mother are Role Models of Superior Health & Fitness for Life!

Shawn Rene is a Fitness National Fitness Champion & World Fitness Champion Top 5!

Shawn Rene has also won NPC Team Universe Bikini Championships Top 8, 2010, NPC Philadelphia Bikini Championships Top 3, 2010,
WBFF World Championships, World Figure Champion Top 5, 2009, ESPN Miss Fitness America California 3rd runner up, 2004, NPC
National BodyRock Fitness Classic – runner up, 2003, NPC Teen Nationals Fitness Champion 1st overall 2002, NPC Delaware & East
Coast Teen Fitness Championships 1st 2002.

Transform & Bring Out The Best in Others

Shawn Rene loves to transform others lives & be a motivational & educational role model of Health & Fitness! Her mission is to
strengthen others on the inside & out! What's on the inside will shine outwardly! She strives for excellence in everything she does.
Her clients love her & she is a highly sought after for those who want to take it to the Next Level & want a Total Life
Transformation! She has a Gift for making others feel good when they are around her! She significantly strengthens & enhances
clients & Athletes Athletic Performances & Total Health & Fitness taking them to the Next Level. She trains Elite Celebrity
Athletes in Health Fitness Sports Nutrition training them to be at their Peak Health & Fitness, maximizing their Athletic
Performance. She also has success stories of majorly transforming clients lives inside & out, taking them from sizes 14 to
size 2! She also trains Lacrosse & Pre Professional Ballet Dancers in Health & Fitness Sports Nutrition. Success stories with
her working with young Pre Professional Ballet Dancers with Scoliosis. Scoliosis, is the curvature of the spine, which stems from
weak muscles & muscle imbalances. Using Weight Training & her specific unique Lengthening & Strengthening techniques strengthening
their spine, back & core. Reliving them from their debilitating pain.

Health & Fitness Expert to Elite Doctors & Surgeons

She trains Elite Nationally & Internationally known Eye Surgeons & Nationally & Internationally known Internal Medicine
Doctors taking their Health & Fitness to the Next Level! She hates to see people hurting or in pain. She has success stories
of eliminating others Arthritis, greatly enhancing their quality of life now living in Health & Fitness & no pain. She has success
stories of training women during & post pregnancy getting them in the Best Shape of their Life! She is a Motivational Life Coach
helping men & women over come eating disorders. Success stories of helping women over come Post Partum Depression. She
trains Men & Women in Health Fitness, Nutrition & Life Style Coaching for Competitions & USA meets in their sport, Fitness
Competitions, Fitness Photo Shoots,. She gets a lot of request by Men & Men for training to get Hollywood Tight Toned Physique
to be their best in their Profession, Sport, Beach, Vacations, Wedding Day & for Life! Helping women gain healthy self confidence
in healthy body image & overall Health Fitness & Life. Success stories of removing negativity from people's lives & greatly changing
their life! She has taken clients who want to Train for Elite Superior Performance in Health Fitness & Nutrition to individuals who
want to add Sleek Muscle & Increase Muscle Tone & Overall Health & Fitness! She loves to change people's lives. She loves bringing
the Best out in others making them Happy, Smile, Fabulous Inside & Out! Adding JOY & ZEST for LIFE into their lives! Her words to live
by, Live Life to the Fullest & Enjoy Every Moment! Fill Your Life with as much Joy & Passion as Possible! Life is a Gift & too short
to be lived any other way but to the Fullest! For God has Given us a Spirit of Joy! Dream it, Believe it, See it, Do it & Love it!
Whether you are NFL Pro Visualizing Your Superior Winning strategy for the Super Bowl Championships. Elite Olympic Athlete
vigorously training to be the Best & make World renowned History. Become your Dream of Top USA Olympic Gold Medalist.
Health & Fitness Training to enhance your Quality of Life as a daughter, mother, grandmother, son, father or grandfather,
for your family, this is your life a precious gift! Superior Health & Fitness, Training hard & smart, Positive outlook on Life &
Health will catapult you to Live Victoriously!
Educating, Motivating & Bringing Out The Best in You to Live in Health Joy Peace & Strength Inside & Out,
Shawn Rene Zimmerman :-)

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