Monday, December 5, 2011

Amanda Iannelli

Amanda Iannelli was born and raised in New Jersey and overcame eating disorders early in life. She was always involved in sports, but over did dieting and exercise to an unhealthy extent in order to be thin. She moved to the midwest to attend Evangel University where she earned her BS in Education. She then took on the challenge of working as a firefighter for 6 years. During that time Amanda started to compete in figure and fitness shows and saw her body transform. Her early obsession with being thin turned into a passion to be healthy and whole.
Amanda left the fire department after incurring a back injury, and decided to start her own company “Inside-Out Total Fitness, LLC”. She realized that things happen for a reason and that God has a plan for her to reach others who are struggling with self-image, being healthy, and staying fit. Amanda now speaks to groups, is an ISSA personal trainer, life coach, acts, and models. She is the current 2010 FAME World (Open) Swimsuit Model Champion and a new WNSO Pro Athlete as of March, 2011.

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