Monday, November 14, 2011

sara picken-brown

Sara Picken-Brown has been a passionate and highly visible advocate of health and physical wellness within the Australian fitness scene for over a decade. A former professional ballerina, and a graduate of Queensland University of Technology, Sara danced professionally with the Queensland Opera, Queensland Ballet and performed classical and contemporary works in the UK, Taiwan and Hong Kong. After chronic injury forced a reassessment of her career path, Sara fell into the fitness industry while living in the U.K. After returning to Australia to study for her Personal Training certification in 2000, Sara went on to develop her skills as a motivational coach and mentor; helping her clients achieve amazing results and maintain healthy, balanced and energized lives.

"It has been said, love what you do and you will never work another day in your life. For me this could not be more true.Over the past decade I have been afforded the opportunity of sharing truly massive moments in so many peoples lives. Helping people realise their true potential in their health, career and personal development inspires me to achieve in my own dreams. I feel so privileged to have been part of so many defining moments in so many lives "

In addition to running her successful Personal Fitness Development Business, Sara focuses on seminar presentation, fitness camps and training athletes including Olympians.

Prior to turning professional in Figure/Body sculpting, Sara was Australia’s top ranked amateur Figure/Body athlete, holding 14 championship titles and ranked 6th and 8th respectively after representing Australia at the IFBB Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Classic in USA and the IFBB World Women’s Championships in Mexico City in 2010. Sara turned Professional Figure athlete with IFBB in November 2010.

With goals to compete professionally at the IFBB Arnold Fitness Classic and the IFBB Olympia, Sara’s athletic future is an exciting and highly disciplined one. Sara continues to be a testimony to the benefits of living a healthy, active lifestyle. She is whole-heartedly committed to sharing her wealth of knowledge and is a zealous advocate for regular exercise and the management of a healthy lifestyle coupled with consistent and clean nutrition. She regularly speaks for the physical and psychological benefits of training and clean nutrition at guest appearances and numerous health forums. Currently a representative of the NSA Australia, she travels speaking on the benefits of clean healthy nutrition and consistent exercise as a pathway to health and wellness for the whole family.

"During my years as a ballerina, I was often frustrated at the lack of support and information that was provided to young dancers both physiologically and psychologically. In my role as a physical trainer I am committed to rectifying the lack of understanding we all have when it comes to our own bodies. So many of the health issues we all face such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke are so preventable."

Sara has amassed 14 Championship titles over 6 years. 7 of which have been with the top global bodybuilding federation (IFBB). Sara was proud to represented Australia at the Arnold Fitness Classic in USA placing 6th and will be again representing Australia at the IFBB World Championships in Mexico, in Oct 2010.(The only female to have competed 2 times at this high global level in any given year.)

Sara has appeared on Australian TV-Channel 7 & 9
'Entertainment Australia with Yoram Pohl'
Talkback radio-Lafayette Radion USA, Light Fm & Melbourne Talk
Appeared on info-mercial for CARDIO TWISTER
Sara is a fitness columnist for 'NZ Fitness Magazine' & 'Australian Natural Bodz'
Regularly contributes to 'Muscle & Fitness Australia',Melbourne community publications
Has sponsored and organised fundraising events for Kids Helpline, Anti-Cancer Council Australia
Official trainer of Monica Brants FEM CAMP
NSA AUSTRALIA presenter and representative

Top 5 Fitness Tips

1. Set a clearly defined goal and outcome you want to achieve
2. Set a clear plan of action and a timeline with accountability flag posts along the way
3. Get your buddies in on the action-be accountable to someone you trust
4. Get clean-eat, drink,think clean
5. Get moving- nothing happens without a little shake,rattle & get jigglin' people!

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