Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lisa Moordigian

Name: Lisa Moordigian

Competes in: Bodybuilding

Date of birth: 24th-Apr-1974

Birthplace: Fresno, Ca

Height: 5’5

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Off-season weight: 156 Ibs

Contest weight: 135 Ibs

Fave foods: Cookies, Ice cream, cookie dough, Reeces peanut butter cups and doughnuts

Hobbies: Weight training, Ps3 (Rock Band), UFC Fanatic, napping and eating

Fave bodypart to train: Shoulders

A bit about me:

I used to fiddle around with the weights, I was a cardio girl. Never crossing the line from cardio to weights, I felt intimidated. Eventually I incorporated some weight training.

In 2001 I peeked into a Gold’s gym and convinced myself to join. It was there I met my boyfriend at the time, who was 6 weeks out from a bodybuilding show. He saw my potential and 6 weeks later I did my first bodybuilding show. I was 115 Ibs and but competed at 129 Ibs ripped and shredded. I placed 2nd behind Debbie Bramwell…not bad for my first show. 5 weeks later I competed again and placed 1st middleweight and overall winner. At this point I was hooked !
As for my inspirations Corey Everson, Rachel McLish, Debbie Bramwell and Monica Brant. The reason being is that they combined muscle and femininity.

Now I do fitness modeling, but would never rule out stepping on the stage once again, and forever will train like a bodybuilder.

Past Achievements:

2001 San Diego Border States 2nd Open Middleweight & 2nd Novice

2001 Sacramento Bodybuilding Championships 1st open heavyweight & Overall winner

2002 Contra Costa Bodybuilding Championships 2nd open Heavyweight

2002 California State Championships 2nd Heavyweight

2003 Contra Costa Bodybuilding Championships 2nd Open Heavyweight

2003 California State Championships 2nd Open Middleweight

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