Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brittany Beede

Brittany Beede
Location: Florida, United States
Occupation: fitness model/spokesperson/entrepreneur
Personal Website:
Primary Gym:
High School:
When I Started:
How I Started: I was always active growing up, participating in a lot of sports/extra curricular activities, including gymnastics, dance, karate, track and cheerleading. I got involved in weightlifting during high school and took a LOVE to it from that moment on.
Why I Love It: Health and fitness is a lifestyle for me. I eat, sleep, dream, and live my life for it. I have an extreme passion and drive for improving myself, not only physically, but spiritually. My goal now is to share my love with others and be a role model in the fitness industry. I want everyone to fall in love with living a healthy, fullfilling, happy life, as I do.
How I Stay Motivated: I stay motivated by the feeling I get after completing my workout. It's AMAAAAAZING, and I wish I could share that with the world. I love getting up every morning and feeling healthy and happy.
BB Accomplishments: To me, every workout, every day is an accomplishment.

I was extremely active growing up, participating in every sport I was able to, including gymnastics, dance, tennis, volleyball, boxing, martial arts, track, and cheerleading. I became serious about weightlifting during my high school years, and I haven’t stopped since, learning everything I could and always looking to improve my weightlifting and cardio routines thus enhancing my overall fitness and health.

After nursing school, I received a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, working as a host, announcer, and WWE Diva, wrestling and preforming as Jamie Keyes, in sold out arenas for audiences around the world.

Since my time with WWE, I have decided to dedicate my life to helping others. No matter how great their fitness goal may be, I have the knowledge and ability to help them reach their goals.

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