Monday, November 28, 2011

Katie Noval

As I have been in preparation for the WBFF World Championships, I have met many amazing people. Male and female. I have mentioned many times that this organization is more like a giant family than just a group of self absorbed competitors only interested in what they can gain for themselves. If you go online, whether it be Facebook or Myspace or Muscle-ink or any of the many online sites, you will find WBFF competitors congratulating or supporting eachother. I love that about the WBFF.
I could easily write a blog about each and every competitor in the WBFF. We all have our own stories, backgrounds and lives that I’m sure people would find interesting. That being said, there IS one competitor that I would like to bring just a little attention to. He name is Katie Noval. What really makes this competitor stand out to me is all that she has accomplished in such a short period of time. We have SO MANY beautiful and interesting competitors in the WBFF, so for someone to really stand out is a difficult task. Where I first noticed Katie was online. No, she wasn’t promoting herself. S he doesn’t have a webpage. Her “fans” are probably just family and friends. Where I saw her was on just about every WBFF competitors facebook page commenting. Telling someone to have a good day, pushing someone to have a great workout, coaxing someone to get to the gym even though they wrote that they didn’t feel like it. Making the women feel beautiful and the men feel important. Yet doing so with an innocence that is true and real.

I guess it would be easy for those who “WIN” to say how great an organization is. However, when someone diets and trains 7 days a week, 365 days a year for a show and in the midst of SO many competitors, doesn’t quite place where they may have liked, sometimes that person makes the decison to stop. Sometimes they jump to other organizations. Sometimes they make excuses, or nitpick the people who placed above them. Not Katie. She goes on and on about every competitor in the WBFF. She truely LOVES the sport, and first or last, is one of the most amazing representatives I have ever seen in an organization. She has a maturity and an outlook that EVERYONE that competes should be lucky enough to have. Did I mention that she is only 22 years old? Take a look at the quality of her physique and read that again! She is 22 years old! In SUCH a short period of time, she has obtained a physique that rivals even the most seasoned in the sport!

Katie credits her physique to her trainer Nathan Harewood who trains at The Athlete Factory in Calgary. He trains a group of competitors there who have formed almost a family. Pushing, encouraging and driving eachother to be the absolute BEST that they can be. Helping one another to achieve their individual potential. Nathan is also currently working with new WBFF Pro and Legend, Monica Brant, who Katie claims is her “Idol” and she says she cannot wait to train with her in the few weeks leading up to the World Championships.

Competing a few times in the WBFF, Katie has improved her placing each time. Last year she placed in the top ten in Alberta, and placed fifth in bikini and sixth in fitness model this year, where she caught the attention of photographer David Ford who displayed her in STATUS Magazine. Now she is hoping to continue improving on her placing and hopefully achieving professional status as she trains harder than ever for the World Championships in Missassauga on September 18th. Training at The Athlete Factory and also at Pro Bodies in Calgary. A no frills, no ammenity hardcore gym. How hardcore? They have the FIRST calf machine that was designed. However does the equipment work? Look at Katies physique. That should answer your question. How hard does she train? Very few females of Katies stature are going to get the respect of the powerlifting crew, who have proudly taken her under their wings to support and push her.

On the Deans list for years at the University of Calgary, and finishing her last semester, she is planning to apply to Law School soon, and what does this dedicated competitor do for fun at 22 years old? Well, while most others her age are going to parties, dating, drinking, doing drugs, etc etc. Katie, when not training, is a certified snowboard coach, practices Muy Thai, and… the part that just may capture the hearts of guys everywhere? She is into comic books, watches UFC, and LOVES her playstation. Games of choice? Call of Duty, God of War, UFC, etc. She calls herself a “closet nerd”.

Katies love for the sport and infectious personality has reinspired me as I am prearing myself for the Worlds. And I would like her to know that as much as she supports and drives all of us, that everyone who has been lucky enough to have come in contact with her, also wishes her the very best of luck.

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