Monday, November 14, 2011

Fawnia Dietrich

Fawnia was born in 1975, in the small town of Kamloops, BC Canada. In 1983 she made the move by camper trailer to the beautiful city of Victoria, BC. Her interests growing up included running, art (drawing), theater, and dancing. In Oct, 1994 at the age of 19 Fawnia began her career as an exotic dancer. Seeing the women on stage doing the most amazing moves on the poles inspired her to want to learn. She asked the staff where were the Exotic Dance School was located, to learn pole work. Their reply to her was “There is no school, you just learn while you are on stage.” She couldn’t believe there wasn’t a place to go, and learn how to do pole work, walk, dance, and crawl; do everything that makes someone a great exotic dancer. Just two months after learning her first move, “The Fire Man”, she purchased a brass pole from a metal store, and started teaching. While the rest of the world was going about their business, Fawnia opened the world’s first Pole Dancing School and produced the instructional DVD: Pole Work, volume 1. The first of its kind, making her a pioneer of what’s now America’s latest fitness craze, pole dancing for fitness! Fawnia’s certifications include weight training, iKick, PiYo, and Zumba. Fawnia also developed the course for the Pole Dance Instructors Certification and wrote the forward for The complete Idiots Guide to Exotic and Pole dancing Illustrated (Paperback). Today Fawnia lives in Las Vegas. Together with her fantastic instructors run two beautiful studios, dancing with women from around the world. Fawnia’s goals are to earn her pro card in figure, and continue teaching women worldwide The Art of Exotic Dancing.

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