Monday, January 2, 2012

Meagan Robar

Meagan spent her childhood quite differently than most. Her days were spent in dance classes, play rehearsals, voice lessons rather than hitting the mean streets of the playground, so to speak. But don't feel too bad- Meagan would not have wanted it any other way. Playground Shmlayground. She was dedicated and perserverant even then. At age 11, Meagan landed her first serious dance role in the Eglevsky ballet's performance of The Nutcracker. In the meantime, Meagan began performing with local theater companies around NY as well as school productions. In no time at all, Meagan's 'hobby' became her passion. She was on fire for acting. Her love of dance never left, but her petite stature, and less than perfect turn out started to become a frustration to her, whilst theater became her outlet. She decided to immerse herself in theater.. still dancing through life.. but discovering new ways she would be able to express herself. (The split between dance and Meagan was an amicable one... they remain close friends... and occasionally 'mess around' on the side.)

Come her teen years, she became captain of her dance team, star of the schools Theatrical production, and had doubled her workload by attending BOCES Cultural Arts Center- a high school of the Performing Arts. Mornings were spent at BOCES Acting, and afternoons back in Central H.S. doing her academics. Meagan also began developing her love of COMEDY. Spontaneiously doing impressions and improvs of teachers, friends, family members (Sorry Omi!), or random characters she would invent on the spot! Friends would video tape Meagan in action and watch as there bellies ached with laughter. Crank Calls are one of Meagans most favorite pasttimes! While Humor is one of Meagan's MAJOR attributes, Meagan would not be Meagan without her (dare I say it) Sensitivity. A lovely quality she inherited from her mother's side of the family. (Badum-bum) In theater, her sensitivity serves as a great service by allowing her to truly be in touch with her emotional life. By graduation, Meagan knew that she had found her path in life. She was awarded the Stephanie Bell Musical Theatre Scholarship from BOCES towards College at Graduation which remains to be the highlight of her high school career!

Meagan also became an accomplished hip hop dancer! It seemed Ballet didn't do it for her quite like Hip hop did. She has trained with a seasoned choreographer and dancer- Dana Foglia. Meagan has earned numerous awards in National Dance Competitions, performed in the MACY*S Thanksgiving Day Parade, and continues to break it on down in class at Broadway Dance Center in NYC.

Meagan attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA where she earned her BFA in Acting. Her College experience shaped Meagan into the woman she is today. Whilst in college, she had the great priviledge of studying in London at the British American Drama Academy with Classical Geniuses such as Ian Wooldridge, Sir Derek Jacobi, Sheila Allen, and Fiona Shaw. Her time in Europe remains to be the most memorable, challenging, and extraordinary time of her young life. Back at Uarts, she was trained in the Meisner technique by Sanford Meisner's assistant, the great Ernie Losso- an inspiring and fantastic teacher (and Friend). Blood, Sweat, and Tears went into her four years in University. She worked her hiney off (and it is paying off).

Since graduation, Meagan has completed a nine month performance contract for Disney Cruise Lines performing as a World Famous Disney Character! She's performed in numerous NYC theaters, as well as landed roles in various TV/Film/Music Videos/Commercials. While she's not working in her field, Meagan loves to travel. Talk about impulse purchases! On a whim, Meagan will travel wherever the wind, (slash her schedule slash her bank account) will allow! Meagan is fascinated with Comedic geniuses such as Lisa Kudrow, Lucille Ball, Chris Lilley and can sit and watch there work for hours on end. She also enjoys any moment she gets to be with her family. The family which grounds her, encourages her, and most importantly- loves her. Meagan is constantly seeking new ways to challenge herself and overcome those challenges. She's been Sky Diving (Though shes deathly afriad of Rollercoasters) and has been Scuba Diving (though she's extremely afraid of Shar- ..wait, no.. get this.. Jelly Fish.) An interesting and unique character to say the least. An extremely hard working, fun loving, bubbly blonde that believes anything is possible..... She will never stop wishing on stars.

Lastly, Meagan sends her sincere thanks to her incredibly supportive and loving family, awe inspiring group of (talented) friends, teachers and directors that have gently nudged her in the direction of her dreams, and God- for surrounding her by these fantastic people, and for letting her live her dream everyday.

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