Monday, January 9, 2012

Lynn Sambuco

November 9
NPC National Competitor, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer and Writer.
I am originally from Ohio where I was the third born in a family with all girl siblings. My father and mother were quite athletic and encouraged my passion for health and fitness at a very young age. While in college, I began training with weights and became a certified instructor. Shortly thereafter I became married and set out to train for my first show. Several weeks out, we had discovered tha...t we were happily expecting our first child. The labor was a difficult one and we were horrified to find out that she had suffered a massive stroke during the process. The years to follow were diffficult. My new passion was to have her recover and be the best person she could possibly be. The doctors were astounded at her development over the years. At times ,going to the gym was my only release. I had never forgot my passion and dream, only postponed it. I set out in 2010 to train for my first show and placed 2nd followed by a first place win!! I enjoyed the journey and realized that it is a fabulous example to my children as well. I want to show them that they accomplish anything they want to. Dedication, hard work and goal setting are great factors for encouraging motivation and feeling successful. I have NO regrets and only anticipation in moving forward into the year ahead!!:)See More
2011 NPC Pittsburgh - Top 10 Open
Master's 3rd place

2011 Master's - 2nd place

2011 North Americans - Top 10 Open
Masters 4th place

2010 The Natural- 2nd place

2010 Iron City Classic - 1st place (Overall Winner)!!

2010 NPC Pittsburgh - 5th Place Open

2010 Team Universe - 5th Place Open

2010 Masters - 1st Place!
Personal Information
I am a fun-loving and extroverted person. I am passionate about life in general and enjoy spending time and friendship with many different people. I tend to see positive traits in everyone. I am a perfectionist by nature and can sometimes be my own worst critic. I continually push myself to be stronger, learn new things and become a better person.
Personal Interests
I am passionate about fitness and enjoy trail running, weight lifting, skiing, yoga and spinning as my favorite forms of exercise. I enjoy cooking Italian cuisine and baking. I am currently in the process of formulating an Italian dieters cookbook! I love fashion and enjoy watching trends and dressing up. I am a proud mother of two beautiful chidren and enjoy spending time with my family and encourage them to follow their heart and passions as well. My family is my heart:)

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