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Desiree Dumpel

Date of birth: 05-01-1968

Hair Color: blond

Height: 170 cm
Eye Color: green

off season between 80-82 kilo

compete weight between 75-77 kilo
Bust Size: don't have my measures because my shape is more important than measures






Dress size: dont wear dresses
Shoe size: 39 1/2
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I started to train for losing weight. That was in 1991. Until 1994 bodybuilding is a way of life for me. And it's keeping my weight in control.
But now I'm competing from 1995 until now as a female bodybuilder.
I've a fulltime job and in my free ours I'm trying to set up my own business in designing clothes, selling food supplements and online coaching
So if you need a handmade posingsuit, casual wear or trainingsclothes surf to .

Bodybuilding Competitor History:

National results

-1995 1 st place local fitnessfestival Den Helder
- 4 th place beginnerslevel at Nijmegen (line up 10 women)
- 2 th place c-grandprix 57+ kg at Hoogeveen

- 1 st place c-grandprix 57+ at Almere

- 2 nd place at the Holland ,A-compete,
in Zoetermeer
dutch championships

- 4t place at the Holland,A-compete,
dutch championships.
- 1st place at the night of the dutch champions

- 2nd place at the Holland,A-compete,
dutch championschips.
- 1st place at the night of the champions

- 1st place at the Holland,A-compete
dutch championschips

International results

- 5 th final place at the universe in england

- 6 th place at the european championships
in Greece
- 7 th place at the world championships in Greece
- 4 th place at the univers in England

- 2 nd european championships in Aberdeen
- 2 nd worldchampionships in Aberdeen
- 3 rd at the universe in Birmingham

- 5 th place at the Universe in Birmingham

Career Highlights:
- 3rd place at the universe in Birmingham 2003


Modeling history:
- i'm not very often asked
- Made a video and photo shoot in california in 2003 made by James Cook
- Did some photoshoots with great semi professional photographers.

- The universe in england is the most important show for me.

- Don't have the time to see them often but i like the bodyguard, movies of jean claude van damme,the gladiator


What are the secrets to become a fitness model?
Be yourself.

What did you do to become a model?
I'm not a fulltime model

How do you stay beautiful?
To clean the inner and outside of my body with the products of dr. hauska

How do you stay fit, do you have a personal trainer, chef, work out, what do you do?
I'm staying fit through regular cleaning my inner- and outside of my body.
Taking my vitamins and minerals protein, glutamin and bcaa's.
Taking my rest before i need it.
I'm driving once a month in the offseason and one in the 14 days in my competeseason to my coach.
I'm regular meditating to relax my mind.

How do you keep you skin healthy and fresh looking? Dr. Hauska are great products to help me with that. Don't forget to take my omega 3 acids

What do you believe is good health and fitness? Taking care of your body and mind. Balance is the most important thing in life.

Do you prefer to tan or use tanning lotion? I'm going to try out air brushing. But i used to prefer to tan before competes.

First Interest In Fitness/Bodybuilding
1991 to loose some weight.

Goal Within The modeling/ Fitness Industry
to earn some extra money for my competes.

Life Goals
to built a world business

once to compete at the ms olympia

Pre-contest Diet

-oatmeal, whey protein, banana
-chicken some fruit
-rice, vegetables, red meat
-tuna a piece of fruit
-rice, pineapple, chicken or turkey
-oatmeal, whey protein, piece of fruit
-night protein

Nearer to the contest i'm gonna change the tuna and chicken for the whitefish.

Supplements you use

-whey protein, glutamin, BCAA's, liquid amino's, nightprotein, liquid carnitin, flosa slim, multivitamin, omega-3

Regular Diet

-oatmeal, whey protein, banana
-chicken some fruit
-rice, vegetables, red meat
-tuna a piece of fruit
-rice, pineapple, chicken or turkey
-oatmeal, whey protein, piece of fruit
-night protein

Contest Work Out Routine:
training 5 or 6 days a week of weight training 2 times the back,1 time the chest,3 times the shoulders and the arms, and 2 times the legs.
training 5 days a week cardio

Off season work out routine
training 3 times a week of weight training every muscle group one time.


Favorite body part to work: Arms

Ideal vacation: In a peace full place of nature

Least favorite food

Ideal Man:

Relationship Status:


Things I hate: Unjustice

Things I love: Peace

Favorite animals: Dolphin

Favorite food: Indonesian cooking

Favorite movie: Bodyguard, Ghost

Favorite shoes: New Rocks

Workout wear: Deli-Wear

Favorite Spots Team:

Favorite thing to do: Relaxing

Favorite diet food: Pineapple

Favorite music: Any kind

Bits and Pieces:


Car I drive: Mazda 323 F

Favorite Dessert: Straciatella ice cream

Favorite Nutritional Supplements, why: Glutamine because it helps recovering quick and reigns your immune system

Favorite Cardio Work out, why: Air Stair stepper because its tighten your both the best

Favorite Cardio Equipment, why: Air Stair stepper

Favorite exercise equipment, why: Hammer strength because it gives the most nature movement

Favorite Exercise, why: Scott curl because you can isolates your bicep the best

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