Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christina Halkiopoulos

Welcome to my new page!! Love C x Height: 5' 2" weight: 105 lbs measurements: 34-22.5-33 Dress/ shoe size: 6 hair /eye color: Blonde/Green Proudly sponsored by: Proudly Spnsored by
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Nutri-sups Worldwide WROTE:

... Christina Halkiopoulos gives new meaning to the word 'Exotic' with her unique combination of beauty, brains, and a picture-perfect body. Whether it’s onstage at a competition or on a cover shoot for a major fitness magazine, Christina stands alone with a curvy 5’2 frame and some of the best abs in the industry.

Christina wears many hats, and seems to effortlessly float back and forth between being a successful TV Presenter, top model, Team Nutri-sups Worldwide® celebrity, and of course most importantly a devoted Fitness Fanatic. She has appeared on numerous Commercials and Publications within the fitness world. She has also graced over 30 different internet sites and been featured in countless editorials and photo spreads over the past year.

When asked what she most looks forward to in her near future and career, Christina replies: "I am thrilled to be representing the #1 supplement company in the world,Nutri-sups Worldwide and Muscle Warfare, Their products are hands-down second-to-none. I am a proud REpresentative for their cutting-edge top-of-the-line products aimed to increase your athletic abilities and enhance your physique. They never duplicate, always innovate, and they always help me to stay on top of the game, my dream is to compete in America for my pro-card and representing Muscle Warfare and Nutri-sups Worldwide."

With the Team of all top Leaders at Nutri-sups Worldwide. The Sky is the Limit for what this girl can do, just you wait! xoxo THE WBFF

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