Monday, January 23, 2012

Kortney Olson

As you know I’m Kortney with a K. I’ve learned most lessons in life @ a price. Some were even pretty cheap! Conversely, some.. well… not-so-much. All in all, I like to package it up with a pretty bow like this; “I’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to!”.

Let’s see here…. about me huh? Well, I was born breech, recently told by a medium that I’ve been a man in several of my past lives and that is why I carry so many male characteristics, I love watching documentaries exposing the truth (i.e. “Food INC”, “zero: an investigation into 9/11, “Sicko”), I hate watching horror and suspense movies, I ate flavored chapstick as a kid, I prefer button-fly over zipper jeans, I suffer from the people pleasing disease, I have a hard time saying “no”, I love Prince, play a plethora of musical instruments, I’m a Scorpio, and finally, I’m an insecure, over-achiever, who happens to hate swimming. Oh, and I love being strong and seeing visible muscles everywhere on my body.

Oh! My bad… you want to know what my cred is? (for all the mums and dads, “cred” is short for credentials). OK, fine:

I’m a certified personal trainer, three time international bodybuilding competitor, author, TV personality, NRL fitness consultant, an improving martial artist, and above all, an advocate for gender equality.

Initially this site was designed for a female audience, when I first had the idea to build this platform back in 2009. However, as much as I’d like to offer my experience, strength, and hope for other women going through some of the things I’ve been through (body image issues, rape, anxiety, weight issues etc), I realized over time, that men can be just as vulnerable as women. Factually, even more vulnerable than women because they can’t ask for help as easily.

In my world, it would be deemed acceptable by society that men don’t have to be “manly”, and women don’t have to act “lady-like”. In my world, men can have feelings, and women can have muscles.

Too often, I see people being held back from reaching their potential. If this site does anything, I hope it can play some part in helping a few people be the person they truly want to be.


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