Friday, January 20, 2012

Amanda Quinlan

Amanda Quinlan. Originally from Northern Georgia, the 33-year-old figure competitor now takes up residence along the sun-kissed sands of Palm Beach County, Florida.

Q-Babe: Amanda Quinlan poses during her shoot at the USAs, where she finished 4th in class D.
In this new teaser, Amanda flexes her granite biceps and gets the blood pumping through her vascular extremities by curling one hand into a tight fist, revealing an indomitable forearm lined with scintillating striations woven together like twisted steel. It’s a gripping moment.

And compelling enough to forgive a bad pun.

Anyway…with an iron grasp like Amanda’s, she certainly doesn’t have to worry about forearm fatigue during training. The same can’t be said for those willing to take her on in a wrist curl challenge — or even more futile, an arm wrestling match.

One look at this striking national level competitor in contest shape — as she was when the Studio caught up with her at last year’s USAs — suggests she has the muscle and conditioning to be a prime candidate as a future bodybuilder crossover.

Definitely something to ponder as we follow Amanda’s progress this season. Also, fans can check out her myspace page for more info plus lots of cute, candid pics.

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