Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jana Linke Sippl

I was born in Neustadt a.d. Orla, a little town in Thuringia where I also grew up.
After my 10th year graduate at school, I finished my education with an A-Level as an optician in Jena at the company Carl Zeiss.

I broke up my follow-up higher education in mechanical engineering in Freiberg due to the former socialist circumstances as I couldn`t deal with them. So I switched into gastronomy.

I always liked sports, no matter what kind. I participated in athletics and speed roller-skating competitions, I played tennis and I was also active as a parachute jumper.
My father made my first dumb-bells which was in fact the first step into bodybuilding. The first time I went to a gym was after my successful escape over Hungary to Austria and then Germany. From that day on, I couldn’t do without anymore.

After only 16 months of training, I competed for the first time. But for private reasons I had to stop again for six years. In 1997, I decided to start to train in a gym again and from 1998 on I competed almost every year. Then there was a double surgery on my slipped disc in 1999 and thus, I re-educated as an IT specialist and after that I became a licensed fitness trainer. I had to cope with another surgery on my jaw in 2002 but none of these interventions could keep me from the competitive bodybuilding.

Due to the bad work situation in Germany I’ve been living in Graz, Austria, since 2003 where I continue my regular training and will be true and present to all bodybuilding fans over the future period of time.


Height: 171cm/ 5'7"
Competition Weight: 81 kg/ 178 lbs
Weight (Off season): 91 kg/ 200 lbs
Biceps: 43 cm / 17"
Chest: 117cm / 46"
Waist: 76 cm / 30"
Quads: 68 cm / 27"
Calves: 44 cm / 17.5"

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