Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stacey Pillari

Stacey Pillari VITAL STATS Name: Stacey Pillari E-mail: Age: 43 Where: Wilmington, NC Height: 5' 1" Weight: 118-120 Off, 105-108 On Years Bodybuilding :24 Favorite Bodypart: Legs Favorite Exercise: Lunges Favorite Supplements: Lean Dessert, Atro-Phex How Did You Get Started? My high school athletics and sports conditioning coach and friend's mother (who was a bodybuilder) helped me. I was also inspired by Rachel McLish and how beautiful she made muscles look! What Workout Plan Worked Best For You? Monday - Legs: Leg press superset with full squats Leg extension superset with sissy squats Weighted lunges Hamstring curls superset with straight leg deadlifts Weighted step-ups superset with plyometrics Calves Tuesday - Shoulders: Dumbbell press Full range lateral Front plate raises Incline isolated lateral raises, slow Bent over seated rear delts superset with rear delt pulls Arnold presses Shrugs Wednesday - Back: Wide-grip pull-ups Seated cable rows superset with wide-grip pulldowns Reverse grip pulldowns One arm dumbbell rows Hyperextensions, weighted Thursday - Chest: Flat bench dumbbell press Incline machine press Flat bench dumbbell flyes Cable crossovers superset with Pullovers Pushups Friday - Arms: Straight bar or ez bar curls Seated incline Supinated dumbbell curls Hammer dumbbell curls Skull crushers Pushdowns Weighted bench dips Saturday: Sprints on beach Suday - Rest Throughout the week I also do abs and various types of cardio including: boxing, stairmill, treadmill max incline, short runs on the beach or hardcore plyometrics for legs. What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You? I eat every 2 hours (off and on season) and try and drink 1 ½ to 2 gallons water every day. Off season I take more carbs and my protein stays up. I include 2 cheat meals a week. On season I back off of carbs and have only 1 cheat meal a week. I eat lots of egg whites, protein shakes, grilled chicken, tuna or turkey, flank steak, clean oats, sweet potatoes, green beans, asparagus, almonds, salads w/balsamic dressing, brown rice and ezekiel bread. Cannot forget to take vitamins! Vitamin E, C, Omega's, multivitamin, and a B-Complex to help metabolize food. What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains? Allmax Glutamine Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein MuscleTech Creakic Creatine during the off season. Why do you love Bodybuilding? I like keeping my body looking and feeling strong. I think the lines in the male and female physique are beautiful and, if not excessive, can be graceful. It keeps me young! What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans? I'm just coming back from surgery on my elbow so I've just started to lift again and put my size back on to hopefully once again compete in the Arnold Classic 2009. From there I would like to do the Jr. USA again also. I competed in figure in 2008 in both of these events, and was told by the judges that I should switch to light weight bodybuilding. So that is what I have been training for. My goal is to maintain femininity while still being competitive, as many of the female bodybuilders are once again starting to do. What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders? Take it easy on the joints, tendons and ligaments. Remember just because your muscles are strong and you can lift the weight doesn't mean your joints, tendons and ligaments can support it and handle it without injury. Use correct form. Focus on symmetry and don't forget to build the weaker areas of your body instead of concentrating on your strong ones to get by. You don't have to be the "biggest" to win! Look at Dexter Jackson and Nicole Ball for example! Females... you can still look feminine! Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders? Present Bodybuilders: Victor Martinez, who is a great friend, and to me has the most beautiful physique out there! His symmetry is awesome! Toney Freeman is next. Also incredible symmetry and grace. Nicole Ball who is also a friend and inspiration... she is small but she is mighty! And she is still beautiful! Past Bodybuilders: As most would say... Arnold! He was and still is amazing! Rachel McLish inspired me to get into Bodybuilding at the age of 19 so she is also on my list. Beautiful, feminine, and strong, great legs!

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