Friday, March 16, 2012

Candice Lewis

When she took the stage at the NPC Jr. Nationals she was the clear cut winner in the Figure division, at least in my book. Candice Lewis is has the genetics that’ll make you do a double take. She’s beautiful, tall and well balanced. Combine that with polished stage presentation, a tiny waist and tight booty… well you have yourself a pro. This weekend at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup, Candice Lewis from Arizona will make her IFBB Figure debut. Candice never finished lower than first while in the amateur ranks. She’s one to watch as she could make an immediate impact in the pro ranks. I caught up with “Candy Girl” and she shared more about herself. Name: Candice Lewis Born in: Chandler, Arizona Currently Reside in: Chandler, Arizona Any nicknames: Candy. My dad calls me candy girl. It’s cold when the temperature gets below: 70 Clearly you haven’t spent much time in the Midwest. LOL Favorite Sport: Football Favorite football team: AZ Cardinals Did you play any sports growing up: I ran track since I was 11 years old. I ran cross country and I was a cheerleader in high school. What did you want to be when you grew up: A ballerina Favorite past time: Playing tether ball in school. Those still exist? Sweet. Tether ball rocks. Favorite band/artist: Rihanna and Darius Ruckus Do you like Darius as Hootie or on his own doing country? Darius doing country. Even though Hootie had some good jams back in the day. Do you get asked about often when at the grocery store? The clerks always ask me while I’m checking out at the grocery store “is this what I have to eat to be skinny” Any hidden talents? I think I can sing. Are you the oldest, middle or baby of the family? I’m the 2nd oldest of 10 What’s your family think of you competing and becoming a pro? My family loves it. They are very supportive. My little sisters always call over their friends when I come visit them. They finally think I’m cool. How did you get into figure competitions? I meet my trainer one day working out. It was all history from there. Competition History: Arizona local show 07′ 1st overall, California State 1st overall 11′, Tournament of champions 08′ 1st overall 09,Pacific Naturals 08′ 1st overall, jr nationals 1st overall 11′ How much does your weight vary between shows? About 5 pounds. I loose weight once I stop lifting. What’s a sample of your daily eats look like? 5 Egg whites – 1/2 cup of oats 5oz fish 4oz 3-5 asparagus and 1/2 cup rice 5oz ground turkey Biggest challenge dieting for a show? Not to over eat on the yams.. I just love them. Yummy. What’s your favorite body part to work out? Legs What’s the key to building a kick ass set of wheels? Lunges and lunges with weights and more lunges and squares. How do you feel you look compared to Jr. Nationals en route to your pro debut? I’m more balance and I feel I have a more mature look. Because I been lifting more. How important has having a trainer been for you? It’s one of the most important parts for me. Damian Sagovia keep me motivated on my off days. If you could give other women some advice on staying healthy and fit what would it be? My advice would be to make staying health and fit apart of your everyday life. Like brushing your teeth. Do you enjoy modeling? I enjoy modeling because it gives me a chance to inspire people to workout. What do you do to “get into the zone” of model? Music gets me in the zone for anything. Goal for the industry: I would like to make this my career. They say “Do what makes you happy and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I couldn’t agree more with that quote. If 10 years you’d like to…? Be a fitness model help people to live a health fit life. How can people find you? Icandylewis on twitter. Anyone you’d like to thank: God, friends and family My trainer Damian Sagovia fb friend. The NPC & IFBB and you, Isaac Hinds for this interview. All the best, you have a bright future ahead! Check out a few photos of Candice here. I was born July 27, 1984 in chandler, Arizona. I currently live with my dog fhenix he’s a Yorkshire terrier. I have always been an athlete growing up. I ran track since I was 11 years old; in high school I ran track, cross-country and was a varsity cheerleader. That is when I was introduced to lifting weights. Since then I have been in love with weight training. I’m a professional fitness model and I live very passionately about health, wellness and women athletics. I’m dedicated to improving women’s lifestyles and empowering them with strength and confidence to be their very best physically and mentally. As the oldest of ten sisters and brothers, I was pushed into being a role model at a very young age. This taught me to lead by example. How long have you been competing? Was it hard for you to get into the industry? In June 2007, I made my debut in figure; I got 1st in my class and won the overall trophy. Joining the NPC made getting onto the fitness industry real easy, it’s pretty much laid out for you. I would tell anyone starting out get information on where there local NPC shows. Or go to Did you train with a trainer or just on your own? I have always had a trainer. I feel it’s important to have someone to push you to the next level. Someone that pushes you when you feel you’ve done your best. My Trainer name is Damian Segovia he deserves just as much credit for my achievements than I do. You have become a role model for up and coming fitness competitors, how do you view that role? It’s amazing to be considered as role model. It’s such an honor and it means so much to me. It’s important for me to be a role model to myself that’s what reflects off to other people. IFBB Figure Pro Candice Lewis Future Goals IFFB Figure Pro Now that you are a IFBB Figure Pro, what to do you hope to do next in the industry? Qualify for the Olympia, compete in the figure international, and win a pro show. In addition, to just competing. I hope to stay in this industry for a long time and make a career out of what I love doing. Advice for Becoming an IFBB Figure Professional Do you have any advice for anyone who is looking to become an IFBB professional? Indeed, what I have learned in this industry is, no Matter what be yourself. It takes hard work and determination and it will pay off. The results may not come when you want them to, but keep focused and you will get there. Ok Candice, the burning question: What’s on the top ten playlist on your iPod? I love a variety of music. My top ten right now would be; Adele- Rolling in the deep. Rihanna-we found love. Fantasia- Bittersweet. Darius Rucker -It want be like this for long. Jasmine Sullivan- Need you bad. Jennifer Lopez- Get on the floor. Rihanna- Only girl in the world. Alexandra Stan-Mr. Saxo. Rodney Atkins- Take the back road. Rick Ross -Tears of Joy. Thank you for your time Candice, I want to end by letting you tell the readers anything additional you would like them to know that we didn’t cover: Whatever your fitness goal are make sure you surround yourself with a good support system. My favorite quote ” Those who believe they can do something are probably right – & so are those who believe they can’t.

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