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Gemma Williams

Gemma Williams
IFBB Pro figure competitor

Name: Gemma Williams
Date of Birth: 24/03/81
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 143 off season, 130 in competition


All through my school years I was interested in sports and fitness and played Netball, Hockey, Badminton and other sports, for my middle and upper school. Outside of school, my love for sport continued and I attended weekly sessions for my local swimming club.

I was disheartened in later years, as there seemed to be nowhere for a sports minded person to excel, unless that was, you were an excellent football player and a guy!

I carried on playing for sports teams and at age 15-16 our final and most important year at school I became very ill with 'Glandular fever'. I became extremely weak and was signed off school fulltime for six months. I lost a lot of weight and felt down, missing so much work and having to completely stop what I was enjoying. Six months later I was still weak and was only allowed half days at School - which for most children would be fabulous - just not when your exams were close. It took me months to recover and each time I tried to do what I was used to, I contracted viruses and had to rest again!

I ended up going to college and amongst other things took my A level Art and Design, which was my other love. I completed this and decided to choose between Fashion collage or the Fitness industry. So guess which I chose?

Some six years later I'm still in the fitness industry. I took all my studies over Fastrack through day release college and took further qualifications over the years. I also went to University to study Sports Therapy, but sadly had to leave due to home commitments, but I may return to this as home study in the near future.

I worked for three major Health Farms, Henlow Grange, Forest Mere (Champneys) and Springs, which gave me a great insight to the commercial side of fitness, personal training and teaching. I then worked as a Studio Co-Coordinator/ Personal Trainer for L.A. fitness and I am now working for a large corporate company in a private gym.

My dream to compete started when I first trained in a Body builders gym with my boyfriend, which was roughly the same time that I started my first fitness job, I used to buy the fitness magazines, Muscle and Fitness, Hers, Flex etc., and I used to see the fitness girls and wish it was me! Well it was me years later on the Front cover, and articles in most which shocked me to say the least!

I started my first diet in 2003 just before the Lemington Spa show for the E.F.B.B. I was at that time training miles from where I lived, in a gym called Body Limits where Eddie Abbew, Brendon Bradley, Rickey Welling trained, so I was pointed out many things of which I was doing wrong through my training.

I asked the the guy who ran the gym Abslam, who also competed to help me with my diet. He took a look at me each week and adjusted my diet accordingly, it wasn't the best for my self esteem, standing in bikinis in front of Abslam and Charles Clairmont while you weren't at your best! But it worked. A week before the show, I wanted to pull out - I was feeling flat and down, and didn't think I stood a chance but I was talked right again (thanks Abs ) and went on to win.

Three weeks on I was standing on stage at the British, I was extremely nervous, and was again thinking I had no chance, guess your diet just gets to you at that point! Again, I went on to win the first Body Fitness class (Figure) the British had held! This was great, so off stage and back home to be up for the early the next day at work! Fabulous, reality always strikes!

I have since gone forward and taken my Pro card, and competed in the States, which was a great experience and learning curve. I was again hit with a virus and was in bed for 2 weeks before the show, which had a major draw back, but you have to go on no matter what, when things are booked they are booked! So I was not how I wished to be, this has just made me all the more determined to go forward and be the best I can for my next show.

I am hoping to compete again middle next year as I have to have an operation in the next two months so will be unable to train for a while, I am sure however this will not dampen my spirits, I am only human, and we all have our bad times.

Hobbies: I enjoy all outdoor sports in the little spare time I have, I love mountain biking (although I fall off quite a lot). Horse Riding (and again I'm great at falling) and just plain old walking. My favourite pastimes consist of, music the more chilled out type of soul and R 'n' B, and I love dancing, just for fun and to relax. I do not take it seriously and often fall over dancing due to my high heels and maybe a glass of wine, which is other favourite pastime (joke).

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Prolab Whey helps me maintain the high protein diet I need off and on season, helping me keep to my diet when working or away. With reduced carbs and a high amount of protein I can always rely on Prolab to keep me in the best shape.


Prolabs Creatine I use all year round to help me get that extra strength I need when training, this, combined with Glutamine helps me repair and recover ready for my next training session.


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Start of 12 week on season:



Training weights & cardio


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