Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tabitha Klausen Leandri

I am an outgoing Gluten/Wheat/Dairy free girl! I love to compete, lift weights, model, and love being a Personal Trainer. I live in CT with my Husband, who is an NPC Amateur Bodybuilder. My WHOLE life is fitness! I live, breathe, and eat it! 
I struggled with eating disorders as a teen/young adult, and fitness/clean eating has turned my life completely around. I went from 115 lbs at my worst point to a healthy 140 lbs at almost 6' tall! I quit smoking after 5 years, and started eating healthy body fueling small meals 5 times a day. I started lifting weights at my local gym with the help of a friend's guidance. That "friend" ended up becoming my Husband. :) 
I made the decision to dedicate my life to helping others change their lives. I decided I wanted to become a NASM certified personal trainer and teach people the correct ways to get their bodies, and their self esteem back! 
I also started traveling 30mins almost everyday to The Montanari Brother's Gold's Gym New Haven. There I met my now coach Jerry Montanari. He told me I would be perfect for competing and once I finally agreed, (I was terrified of getting onstage!) he gave me a contest diet and prepped me for my first show. With the help of my posing coach Kenny Wallach I graced the stage of the 2009 NPC CT State Championships and won the Overall Bikini Title, making me the 2009 NPC Bikini State Champ! Later that year I turned Pro at Team Universe! It was an amazing feeling to earn the right to compete in such a high level in such a respected League, The IFBB Pro League. In 2010 I competed in 2 shows, The New York Pro, and the CT Europa, where I placed 8th and 6th, respectively. In 2011, I plan on competing in as many shows as possible! I love competing and meeting people who share a passion for the same things that I do. 

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