Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swann Cardot

November 19, 1986 Biography Swann Cardot began dancing in Paris before moving to Belgium. While studying Art & Interior Design Swann continued her training with Brigitte Kher (Maurice Bejart Ballet XXe), La Papeterie and Choreart studying ballet, contemporary, jazz and latin dance. Swann decided to turn her passion into a carreer and opened herself to different cultures and styles of dance she learned while traveling to seve...ral countries such as South Africa, Canada and New York City where she continues to perfect her techniques at Broadway Dance Center. She progressively found her place in the dance industry training under Deborah Y. Wilson, Adrian Wiltshire and Anthony Rue II from AmountBoyz who inspired her to learn the art of Hip-Hop. Swann came to realize that she wanted more from herself. This desire for more brought her to the world of fitness, where she had to learn to train at a level that far exceeded her expectations of how she believed she could perfect her body and build her strength. "It keeps my spirit alive and pushes me every day. This lifestyle has given me much purpose and direction", says Swann. Dancer, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and figure competitor Swann extends her vast knowledge of training techniques and instill in her students the same standards she has for herself - Through hard work, dedication and persistence, anything is possible, especially good health! See More Awards 2011 NPC Eastern USA - 1st & Overall 2011 NPC East Coast NJ - 1st & Overall 2011 NPC Europa Battle of Champions CT - 1st & Overall 2011 NPC Atlantic States - 1st

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