Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bettina Solomone

Before I got addicted to the iron I was into competitive horseback riding. I started lifting weights about 15 years ago. The trigger was a visit to a local gym in the town I worked as an optician back in Germany. I had to kill two hours of lunch break every day and boy did I kill those two hours ! The second I touched the weights I was hooked, it somehow felt like the right thing to do, something I had always wanted. Soon I started to train with the gym owner, I liked that she was serious about training and the fact that she was a competitive bodybuilder encouraged me even more. I wanted to be on stage one day myself, insane thought at that time, sure but what the hell, it was a goal ;-) ... Before I started competing successfully (as you can read in my competition history) I went to my first show two years after I started training and that didn't really work that great lol, I placed fifth out of five and wished I was invisible that day haha... To make a long story short, successful competing started in 1997, I started out with NABBA Germany and took part in great competitions allover Europe, e.g. Spain and Lithuania (ok ok the latter wasn't the greatest experience in terms of traveling and accommodations lol), memories I wouldn't want to miss. Name: Bettina Salomone Born: January 6 Sign: Capricorn Weight: Contest - 160 lbs, Offseason - 175-180 lbs Height: 5'7" Resides: Palm Springs, CA Marital Status: Married Occupation: Optician Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Interests: Traveling, spending time with my man and our friends, going to the theater and movies, reading, enjoying time off from work by relaxing at our pool and jacuzzi, hiking, our boxer dog, volunteering for boxer rescue, the list goes on.... The main thing is to find a healthy balance between "real life" and the sport, and I am finally able to enjoy both with the perfect partner by my side.

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