Monday, October 24, 2011

Timea Majorova

As a native of Zeliezovce, Slovakia, Timea started in sport and fitness at a very young age.Her father is Hungarian, and a teacher Her Mother is Slovakian and she a nurse.She speak Hungarian,Slovakian and Russian which she studied in Hungarian grammer school and then moved to Bratislava and studied at a Slovakian medical school to become a physical therapist. Living with two brothers, She describes herself as a tomboy, and enjoyes physical
activities. At 14, Timea was sent to school in Bratislava to study as a Physical Therapist which gave her a chance to mature and grow up without the aid of her family. A bodybuilder friend in Slovakia encouraged her to get started with free weights and aerobics for the first time. About that time she entered the fashion and beauty world. She won Her first beauty contest and pursued some modeling opportunities and discovered that She did not enjoy it as much as fitness training.

Upon graduating, she entered her very first bodybuilding contest, the 1994 Ms. Slovakia Fitness where she finished in second.  The following year she returned and won the event, which led to a series of a regular roles on a highly rated Slovakian fitness program. In 1996/97, she came in
second in the Ms. Slovakia Fitness.  Following this contest, she moved to Los Angeles to represent Slovakia in the European Championships and  became the champion in this field and went on to win the 1997 Amateur World Championships!!  By November, Timea found herself suddenly competing alongside her fitness idols! Although she placed 11th, she definateley created a presence on the fitness scene.  As a result, she worked daily on her performance routines and began taking gymnastic classes to improve her flexibility.  She placed 6th at the 1998 Fitness Olympia and was awarded with the "Most Improved and Recognized Athlete" honour.  In 1999 She placed 5th, in 20000 4th and 2001 5th again.  In the Fitness International hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger she finished 2nd.  Timea has taken part in more than 20 competitions and contest and also won in the Atlantic City championship and the Hungarian Europa Kupa Championship.  In 2000 , she was voted by the readers of Flex magazine as the most popular fitnessmodel! This was so exciting for her and she was happy with the recognition by the readers.  She is one of the the most photographed fitness models in the world. she has appeared on over 100+ covers internationally in Fitness magazines. She has worked with the biggest company in the Fitness industry, Weider Publications. In addition , She has worked with an Italian beauty product company called "Natural Project".  She has traveled all over the world doing seminars and appearances. (USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Africa)

"I truly believe that the key to my success is always staying positive!"

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